Clean, sparkling windows are not just beautiful; they improve the entire aesthetic of your office space. Imagine the difference that crystal-clear windows make, offering more than just improved views – they stand as a testament to beauty on their own. Plus, keeping windows free from dirt and grime enhances their appearance and ensures they function smoothly for years to come.

Have you recently upgraded your office windows, or is it time for spring cleaning? Now is the perfect time to dive into a regular care and maintenance routine. Beyond adhering to the manufacturer’s advice, here are some top-notch practices, techniques, and advice to keep your windows pristine.

We’re also tackling the issue of window condensation – what causes it and how you can prevent it.

Steps for Cleaning Windows: Glass, Frames, Screens, and Hardware

While a yearly cleaning is a basic requirement, various environmental elements might necessitate more frequent cleanups. Take coastal offices, for instance, where the proximity to saltwater demands monthly cleanings to prevent corrosion.

IMPORTANT: Steer clear of power washers, garden hoses, sharp objects, or harsh chemicals (including petroleum-based ones) for cleaning your windows. Such methods can harm your windows and potentially void your warranty.





Additional Tips for Maintaining Your Windows

Managing Window Condensation

Condensation isn’t a flaw in your windows; it’s a sign of temperature differences. To manage it:

If condensation appears between glass panes, it may indicate a seal failure, requiring glass replacement. Also, if you notice signs of serious moisture issues, it’s wise to consult an expert.

Maintaining sparkling windows in your office doesn’t have to be a chore, especially with the right approach and materials.

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