Baltimore MD Window & Door Caulking Services


Curtain wall systems and storefront glass installation can last about 20 years before their glazing shrinks or dry rots and moisture starts entering your building. This can reduce the visibility and aesthetics of your windows and cause damage that will require a more extensive and expensive repair or replacement. Your Baltimore business doesn’t have to suffer that way.

The Solutions

We could rebuild the glazing system on the window. That would be the absolute best fix. It’s not very cost-effective. For any window, be it a curtain wall, skylight, or storefront, we usually recommend wet seating or wet glazing the exterior. This solution will extend the life of your glass considerably for a much better price. What we’re talking about in simple terms is caulking.

We can effectively offer:

  • Storefront caulking
  • Curtain wall caulking
  • Skylight caulking
  • Glass-to-glass caulking
  • Structural silicone glazing (SSG)

Waterproofing Products

It is important to use the right caulking products. Many glazing contractors use polyurethane to waterproof their windows, but this is substandard and will lead to premature window leaks. Silicone sealant will provide the most trusted and longest-lasting seal. Quality work is about more than just choosing silicone sealant. There are various sealants, each one designed to adhere to different surfaces. The repair professional has to choose the right sealant for the job.

Dow and Tremco silicone are the most respected brands, and they offer sealant to adhere glass to glass, glass to masonry, or masonry to masonry. 

Why Choose Us

We have more than 10 years of experience providing excellent service to the PA and Baltimore area. Each of our technicians has the experience and ongoing training to tackle any window repair on any commercial building, mixed-use property, or residence. We also only use quality products and bring those materials and tools to every job to have the job completed quickly. We’re often able to service windows on the same day you call, and because we get the job done right the first time, your window issues will be over very soon. You don’t have to worry about a hefty price tag because we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service at competitive prices. 

Update your windows with Cypress Door & Glass

You can trust us to help you say goodbye to leaky windows. With our expertise and a full suite of door and window services, know that whatever is going on with your windows and whatever business you have, we can fix your problem. Contact our Baltimore office for a free estimate.